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Bell & Trunk Flowers

1411 18th Street
San Francisco, CA 94701

(415) 648-0519

Monday - Friday 11am-6pm
Saturday 11am-5pm
Closed Sunday except during special occasion times such as Valentines Day, etc.

Bell & Trunk, an enchanting flower shop is a sanctuary for flora-philes. The sidewalk displays of petals in large aluminum casks create a vision that makes it hard to ignore what's blooming inside.

A tiered display overflowing with graceful flowers and branches captivates exploring visitors, while a rustic hutch exhibits a variety of gift products for baby, home, women and men.

Maxine Siu, Bell & Trunk's proprietor and chief designer will happily help you select the perfect arrangement to seal a deal, greet dinner guests or brighten up your day.

If the event is more ceremonial, you will find Bell & Trunk's matrimonial and event assistance indispensable.

Weekly accounts are also available.

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