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Over the years I have tested and played thousands of casino games and I have to say, it’s not easy to find the best one. You will be able to use my experience to your own advantage and finally beat casino odds.

What will you learn from me?

  1. what is the best casino game
  2. what are the best AusCasinosOnline sites
  3. where to find best casino bonus offers
  4. how to play to keep winning

And of course much much more – I will keep updating the page with all my tutorials for beginners. If you already know the drill, don’t worry, I will have some for advanced casino players too.

What Is The Best Casino Game?

Casino games can be divided into casino slots, table games, video poker and scratch cards. On every site, you will have a selection of hundreds of games. No wonder that it can be tough to pick the best one.

I am an adventure type and I tend to test new games all the time, I can easily say that I have played thousands of games in my “casino career”. Why do I do that? Well, you never know when you will find the perfect game! Especially that casino providers launch new games each day.

For me, the game doesn’t have to be super fancy when it comes to graphic design, as long as it brings me some decent winnings. By decent winnings, I mean winnings that will exceed my initial deposit invested in that game. Obviously, it’s not an easy job to win every time, but it’s not impossible.

I play all games from slots to black jack and sometimes even keno. Whatever I feel like it as a choice is totally up to me. What I noticed over the years, the some of the games give me higher winnings in a long run. I might be a crazy type, but I keep all my statistics from casino game play in an excel file. This way I am sure how much did I spend, won and lost in certain casino game or slot.

Of course, we can look at the return to the player that can be found in almost every game, but I rely more on my own notes. I’ll get back to theoretical return to the player later on, but just keep in mind that the best for you, would be to rely on your own observations.

In the next posts, I will share with you a custom file which allows me in an easy way to track my activity. It shows my actual return and winnings, as well as rounds I have played.

Back to my initial question – what is best casino game? The answer is simple and easy – the best game is the one that brings you the highest winnings. Why would you play a game that doesn’t bring you anything extra and only takes your money? Exactly! No reason to do that. That’s why you should start tracking your game play right away.

What are the best online casino sites?

Simple as it is – the best site is the one that pays out on time and works properly without any technical issues. What I also like about the sites I play on – is some goodies that I can go for free. If a site sends me free spins or free bonus from time to time, then I’m more likely to deposit there again.

I avoid sites on which verification of the account takes more than 48 hours. Same thing goes for the payments, if the withdrawal is not on my Skrill account after 24 hours then I don’t play on this site anymore. I can truly understand that they need to check everything to make sure payout is correct. But come on! If it takes more than 24 hours then you need to hire more people to handle the traffic.

Where to find best casino bonus offers?

Ok, so I love bonuses but I don’t have time to go through every site each day to check if there’s something new coming up. Casino sites publish new offers few times a week, sometimes even daily – for Christmas season or for holidays. I have an account on more than 20 sites, that’s why it’s a bit hard to keep track of it.

Of course, I’ve signed up for the newsletters and SMS offers on each site. However, from the experience, I know that they don’t send every offer to you and sometimes you need to dig deep to actually find it.

What’s my solution? Well – simple and easy. I found a website which is called freespinsincasino.com and I check it daily, especially two sections – no deposit free spins offer and the other one UK Casino Bonuses. Since I’m from the UK, not every bonus is available for me due to license limitation.

What do I do? I just visit this site each day to check the current offers (they post them on their blog, Facebook and Twitter account also), and I know everything. No need to go through over 20 sites to check for newest promotions. Simple and easy, plus it doesn’t take a lot of time to do it.

A place to be for every casino player!