An In-depth Look at Online Slots

An In-depth Look at Online Slots

Slots are one of the most preferred casino games. This is because they come with so many great advantages, which include being easy to play and not requiring any skill.
This article is designed to give you an in-depth look at online slots so that you can understand them better.

How to play Slots

As mentioned above, slots are so easy to play. This gives you a chance to focus more on the jackpot, as well as how to win them.
If you have played slots before, we are sure you’ve noticed that gameplay is the same throughout most slot games. Symbols are arranged on the reels. When you click the Spin button, the reels will spin and after a few seconds, will stop, showing a random series of symbols that would be arranged on the paylines.
In order to win, you have to land different combinations and patterns of symbols. As you play slots, you should also pay attention to things such as bonus rounds, special symbols, jackpots, RTP, and more. That way, you know what you’re playing for.

How slot machines work

We are going to explain the common slot terminology below.

  1. Symbols
    Slot games come with symbols, which total between 10 and 12, depending on the game. On top of that, you also find special symbols such as the wild, scatter, or bonus.
  2. Paylines
    In every slot game, there is a line that will connect all the winning symbols together. This is called a payline. The total number of paylines will vary from game to game.
  3. Bet level
    This is the best unit that is used to bet. This allows you to choose the number of coins that you want to pay on each payline, as well as the total number of paylines that you want to play.
  4. Progressive Jackpots
    When you play Progressive Jackpot Slots, every time that you make a bet, a fraction of the bet will go towards the jackpot. This continues until somebody wins the jackpot.
  5. Bonus Rounds
    Bonus rounds are mini-games within the game, which allow you to win extra cash.
  6. Return to Player (RTP)
    This refers to the amount of money that the casino stands to get back over a certain number of spins. They higher it is, the better the odds of the player.
  7. Slot Symbols and Meanings
    Symbols vary from game to game. However, they always spin the same way. You will find that slot games come with standard symbols that will match the theme of the game. Apart from that, you will also get some special symbols which are responsible for triggering some prizes, bonus rounds, or multipliers.
    We will explain them below.
  8. Wild
    This is the symbol that usually substitutes for other regular symbols in the game. When it does this, it helps create winning combinations. In other games, you find that each win that a wild symbol is a part of is doubled.
  9. Scatter
    Scatter symbols will reward you if you land two or more of them on the reels, depending on the game. For them to reward you, they do not have to align or land in any pattern. These are responsible for triggering the bonus round, and any other special prizes.
  10. Bonus
    The bonus symbol is not present in all slot games. All the same, this is responsible for unlocking some huge prices, or mini-games, and some other valuable bonuses.